"I am on a mission to serve you la crème de la crème "
Welcome to Inspector Gourmand Hong Kong headquarters. Here, you will discover the best places to eat and sleep in Hong Kong and abroad. I don't discriminate, from 5-star hotels to neighborhood eateries, I try it all.

What else? Girls stuff. With a baby on board life is changing. I share with you my stories, first times, first fails and hardly learned tips. I hope that you will smile, laugh and excuse my French.

My guilty little pleasure? Cheese. Camembert, goat cheese, blue cheese... you name it, I eat it.

Who am I? That's a secret.

The thing I miss the most about France? Food. Hopefully Hong Kong has lots of great options for French people in need for a quick fix...
It’s a common fact in Hong Kong, supermarkets are lame. Seriously! So here are my tips for food hunting in Hong Kong!
It can be challenging to plan a trip to Goa. It was a least to me. Hopefully, I came back with more wisdom and tips. Everything is here to plan a safe and fun trip to hippie land.
Winter 2017, I got fat and broke. The launch of Inspector Gourmand was fun, but I soon realized how much I had to eat to maintain my Instagram account. It was impacting my wannabe top model body and my wallet…
More spending coming your way! Are you ready for it? I wasn’t. The good news? I think I made it.
Reaching 5 months pregnant, my piggy face had reached full development and my self-esteem dropped to new lows. It was the time to invest...
Birth in a public hospital
Inspector Mama
Unable to find any recent reviews of the Queen’s Elizabeth hospital, I told myself it would be my duty to share with the mamas-to-be my experience
The newly launched lifestyle section from Inspector Gourmand! Pregnancy, motherhood, cooking, fashion, beauty... It's all here! 
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Hong Kong

 Secret Missions 

When I am not travelling at the four corners of the world, I am home hunting for food. I eat basically anything and I love when it gets spicy! And you?
You need some holidays but don’t know where to go? Already abroad and looking for some tips? Don’t search further, it’s all here!
It gets quite intense in here. So many impossible missions to accomplish. All you can eat deals, fancy pansy restaurants, street food...I have to eat it all! Can you handle it?
Any suggestions?
There is nothing better than a good old insider tip. A spicy noodle place, a cheese heaven, a hotel, a maternity store, a beauty store...nothing is off limit!

Send me the address of your favorite place and I will make it my mission to go eat it!
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