Best French restaurants
in Hong Kong
7 years since I left Paris. The thing I miss the most after my cat (and my mother, Bonjour Maman!)? Food. Cheese, croissant, crepes, cheese, cheese, cheese , cheese, my father’s roasted chicken and did I mentioned cheese?

Hopefully, Hong Kong has lots of great options for French people in need for a quick fix without lighting their wallets on fire.
La Creperie
My father comes from the land of the crepes. So I ate lots of crepes growing up and I can tell you that this place is the good stuff. I love to go there for lunch, with my French friends of course. The set lunch is a very good deal and the staff is French. I feel home. My favorite is “la pierre noire”, it has camembert inside. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with a classic “complete”. The sweet crepes are very nice too. They have one with Nutella. Just saying.
G/F, 69 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
 Les fils a maman  
The set lunch is a very good deal! It’s exactly how a Friday lunch would be in Paris. The decor, the French waiters, the food. I really like it there. They have deep fried babybel cheese in the starters. I can’t resist. It’s a bit hidden on Hollywood road, it might take a while for you to find it the first time. It’s worth the struggle.  
75 Hollywood Rd, Central, Hong Kong
It gets crowded in there.Especially in the evenings, lots of drunk French people. You guessed, I won’t particularly recommend it for diner. However, I like to go there when I have extra time for lunch. It’s a very fair price and the food is good. Nothing fancy pansy, just a simple 2 course lunch for 100HKD rounded. My favorite is the salmon as a main dish, it keeps my waist from over expanding.  
GF, 65 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
La rotisserie
By far the best roast chicken of Hong Kong. I go there whenever I miss home and my father's traditional Sunday Roast Chicken. You can choose to pair your chicken with potatoes, vegetables or lentils and top with the soup of the day. Ask for some extra chicken sauce for your potatoes. It will send you straight to France. They have a few branches across Hong Kong. If you visit the Sheung Wan shop better to take away, the seating is not very nice.

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