Birth in a  public hospital

I remember struggling to find English testimonials of birth experiences in Hong Kong’s public hospitals when I was pregnant. It was stressing me out. Unable to find any recent reviews of the Queen’s Elizabeth, I told myself it would be my duty to share with the mamas-to-be my experience for them to weight the pros and cons.

Before I start my honest review, I want to highlight that no matter my comments below the public system was very professional, reliable, organized and I always felt that my baby and I were safe. A BIG thank you to all nurses and doctors who have helped bring Bebe G in this world safely.

It's affordable

Despite having some complications and staying a total of 3 days in the hospital, the total bill was less than 600HKD. It was nothing compared to all the care that we both received. However, don’t expect to have tailored services. You are in safe hands, but this is no place for sweet smiles and compassion.

Privacy is limited

It’s 6-8 people per room and rooms don’t close so you will hear everything going on, including labor pain which can freak you out before your time comes. Bring some music and good headphones to switch off whenever you need to relax. Each bed has curtains you can close, which is practical during visiting hours. The post-birth ward is more spacious but has the same setting, so you will hear all 40+ babies crying. Nonstop.

Visiting hours are tight

This was the hardest part once Bebe G had landed. Visiting hours are limited to 4 hours per day (12-1PM & 5-8PM). By the end of my stay, I was exhausted from caring for the baby alone and Agent TZ was frustrated not to be able to spend enough time bonding with Bebe G.

Food is bad

Just the smell of it was putting most of us off. Don’t cry yet. I have the best tip. DELIVROO BRINGS YOU FOOD TO THE WARD! This was a lifesaver. The selection around the hospital is not amazing, but I got deliveries from The Spaghetti House and Pizza Hut, which at that time felt like 5-star meals.

Accessories are not provided

Bring your own cup, bed pads, maternity pads, creams, towel, soaps, flip-flops…nothing is provided apart from food and boiled water. You can check my maternity bag checklist here to get yourself proper ready . If you aren’t don’t worry. The 7-Eleven and pharmacy shop of the hospital have everything you need. Just send a clear list to your husband with supporting pictures. Men know nothing.   

Birth ain’t sweet

It’s tough love going on in labor room. Don’t expect the nurses to be nice to you or show any pity when you beg for the epidural. Afterward, I was told you need to mention you want the epidural AS SOON as you check-in. Remember this.  

The good? You get serious bonding with baby

That was the big plus of the public system. From the moment you get out of the labor room, the baby stays with you. They only take him away for doctor appointments and bath time. They do not push to give babies any formula as they encourage breastfeeding. Even if it was a bit hardcore to be left alone with Bebe G right after birth, I remember and cherish every second of the two days I got to spend with my baby.  
Inspector Gourmand maternity bag

When Bebe Gourmand treated me with an unexpecting visit to the public hospital at 35 weeks I realized that I was close to 0% ready for the grand finale. I had no maternity bag for Agent Triple Zero to pick-up and no idea of how to give birth. Luckily, it was a false alarm. I got to go home the next day. What was the first thing I did at home? I PACKED MY MATERNITY BAG.
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