healthy lunch under HK$100
Winter 2017, I got fat and broke. The launch of Inspector Gourmand was fun, but I soon realized how much I had to eat to maintain my Instagram account. It was impacting my wannabe top model body and my wallet…Anyway, I had to stop eating like a little pig. Plus, since I had won the exclusivity on Central at the Braza contest, it was time for a special story. Something different. So I thought I would share with you where I go to buy affordable and healthy food that I usually eat at my desk, like a nobody. It’s a lonely job to be a secret agent.

The places that I am about to reveal are not listed in order of preference. I literally love them all and can’t get to pick a favorite!
A classic Vegan / Raw food option. La crème de la crème of the healthy lunch. Plus, it’s REALLY good. I feel so fresh after that I wonder if my hairs are about to grow green. If you are, like me, alone, I suggest taking the small salad box. It’s more than enough. I usually don’t include the quinoa as they tend to overload the box with it and you don’t get many veggies at the end. After, if you are about to die of starvation, take it. They are also very famous for their zaatar wraps. It’s true, they are good. They have a burger, but that’s not healthy. If you happen to have some friends to go have lunch with, the place is very nice to eat-in on sunny days. The outside decor is super trendy. Being seen there will definitely get you your pass to join the Hipster community.
Small salad box = HKD70, 92 Wellington St, Central
Pho Bar
It’s new, it’s packed, it’s trendy. If you are ready to dedicate 45mn of your lunch break to queue up, be my guest and eat there. They have a cool art wall and there is literally a Pho Bar inside. However, if you are a busy business man or women, like the Inspector, takeaway (or delivery) would be your best option. Now, you probably think that this place is another Vietnamese restaurant in town. It’s not. You know why? THEY HAVE ZUCCHINI NOODLES! I know…Finally… The filet mignon slices and the broth are super good. Plus, I love the fact that you can tailor your soup.
Medium Rare Filet Mignon with zucchini noodles = HKD86, 24 Li Yuen St W, Central
K Roll
I think I ate at least 100 B5. Spicy Tofu Koritos… I have tried many other items on the menu, but this one is by far my favorite! Agent Bangers, that I met at Bombay Dreams, has the fire chicken Korito every day (no joke), but I don’t like the tomato kind of sauce so much. But…yes, there is a but. I am not sure how healthy that thing is, to be honest. The tofu is fried and complemented by other lonely deep fried elements, there is white rice AND the spicy sauce seems to be based on mayonnaise…to be confirmed. Just highlighting facts for you. Still, go try, it’s worth each calorie!
B5. Spicy Tofu Korito = HKD70, Shop 41, L3 Concourse Level Hong Kong MTR Station

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