Grocery tips
Hong Kong
It’s a common fact in Hong Kong, supermarkets are lame. Seriously! They are all overpriced, food is poorly displayed and there is a 50-50 chance that the product you are buying has already perished! Except for the City Super, which isn’t an option if you don't have the salary of a banker. So here I am, 6 years later, sharing my food hunting tips. Who would have thought? Not me.

The list is expanding, more is coming!
Saucy Platter for handmade cream cheese
Elaine, the founder of Saucy Platter, is Hong Kong’s cheese master! She makes her cheese on her own (what a life?!) with passion and the result is there. She developed some creative flavors that you can choose from, like Mustard Seed and Turmeric or Sichuan Chili and Peanut. I have a crush for the classics like Spring Onion and Chinese Chive and Garlic and Mixed Herbs. The best part is that you can order from her site sets including the holy cheese AND BREAD (or veggies), which is perfect when you plan to have a few friends over for drinks. Of course, everything is delivered straight to your cocoon!
​​Il Bel Paese for properly priced cold cuts
My heaven for cold cuts. I am seriously addicted to the coppa, it’s my Friday treat when Agent Triple Zero and I decide to meet home for a glass of vino. I usually go to the ifc branch, but they have a few branches in Hong Kong.  200g of the coppa costs only around 80HKD and all other cold cuts are rightly priced, like ham, salami, and mortadella. Think about what you can get at the local supermarket for that price? Nada! Plus, the quality is very good and it’s freshly sliced in front of you (better to specify thin slices). Apart from the cold cuts, the take-away food is good but a bit too expensive. However, the deli section has some pearls. I often find nice German sausages or camembert.
Fruit Master for prime fruits
Tired of always buying sad fruits at the supermarket? Try Fruit Master! The company partners with farms across the world to source the best products for Hong Kong fruit lovers. They offer a wide selection, including grapes, peaches, pineapples, blueberries… I like the fact that they have a variety of fruits sourced from Japan, I basically like anything that comes from there! To order it’s very simple, visit their website, select, pay and they deliver. You can even order tailored gift boxes, the ultimate corporate gift that will pass your compliance requirements. I personally like to order a big box of peach or persimmon when I invite my undercover agents for a BBQ at home. They are always so impressed! Plus, who can ever resist a prime peach from Japan? I can’t.
Wet markets
The cheapest option in town and people are always very friendly. I started buying almost all my veggies there unless I want to buy organic. The price difference with the local supermarket is impressive and you will definitely notice it on your wallet. The seafood is very nice too. You can buy some affordable and fresh clams, shrimp, unknown fishes, calamari... Apart from that, know that you can source all you need for your next hot pot night for super cheap! I usually manage to stay within 500HKD for 4 people with LOTS of food, including nice assortments of tofu! I almost forgot to mention, you can buy frogs that are alive. Next time you feel like a frog sashimi, you know where to go!
759 Store
It’s a big chain in Hong Kong. They sell the surplus from the Japanese market. Always AMAZING deals happening there including 6 packs of San Pellegrino, wine, snacks, beers (Agent Triple Zero’s main provider), Ariel laundry product, pasta…everything you need is there. When you find your crush buy A LOT because you can never be sure that you will see it again.

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