Winter 2017, I got fat and broke. The launch of Inspector Gourmand was fun, but I soon realized how much I had to eat to maintain my Instagram account. It was impacting my wannabe top model body and my wallet…
Agent triple zero, my husband, eats so much. I found the solution to get him full on a "reasonable" budget. All you can eat deals. I must admit, I don't mind eat. 
One thing you should know about the Inspector and Agent Triple Zero is that we like it hot! The spiciest it gets the happiest we are. My spicy crush? Spicy noodles soups.
Best French restaurants
The thing I miss the most about France? Food. Hopefully Hong Kong has lots of great options for French people in need for a quick fix, without lighting the wallets on fire.
If you are bored of the usual Friday night restaurant and want to open your horizon, this is the place to start from. Don't panic, the Inspector is here to help you. I made it my mission to try the best of Plateculture for you.
How many times have you googled “best lunch in central” hoping to find something different? Thousands, millions…more?! Feel no shame, I am just the same as you. 
It’s a common fact in Hong Kong, supermarkets are lame. Seriously! They are all overpriced. So here are my tips for food hunting in Hong Kong!
3 words, 3 days, all day. That basically resumes my attempt to detox my body. 
You need some holidays but don’t know where to go? Already abroad and looking for some tips? Don’t search further, it’s all here!
The newly launched lifestyle section from Inspector Gourmand! Pregnancy, motherhood, cooking, fashion, beauty... It's all here! 

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It gets quite intense in here. So many impossible missions to accomplish. All you can eat deals, fancy pansy restaurants, street food...I have to eat it all! Can you handle it?

Secret Missions

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