Preparing baby's arrival

More spending coming your way! Are you ready for it? I wasn’t. The good news? I think I made it. Bebe Gourmand has not yet arrived, and I am proud to say that I am now (almost) operational. Here are some tips that I learned along the way that helped us save a few dollars and keep our sanity (almost) in check.

If you have other/better deals and tricks please send them to [email protected] and will make sure to brief the other crazy mamas!  

Prioritize! ​​​

Take some time to make a list of what you think you really need before the baby shows up and what can wait. It will help you spread your spending. What I bought is listed at the bottom of the article.

Fell no shame to buy second hand!​

All mamas on a budget do it. Make a(nother) list of what you think is acceptable to buy second hand and start hunting. In Hong Kong, I mainly referred to 1. Friends (always the most trustable source) and 2. Facebook (Baby Swap-it, Hong Kong Moms, Sai Kung Mummies). 

A baby registry is a must!​​​

Your friends and family will want to spoil that cutty pie and the best way for them to spend their money is to buy stuff that you need (or just fancy). List on your registry EVERYTHING that you can think of for all budgets. I made my registry with Mothercare in Hong Kong. Easy payment & delivery, especially for international families.

A car seat is very heavy (and expensive)!​

If you need to pick-up instore, make sure that you have a strong pair of arms (merci Joel) to help you carry. Also, they say online that if you buy from someone you are not 100% sure you can trust that you should have it checked by a garage before using it. If any doubt, buy a new one – Safety first!

Don’t buy cloth!​​​

Bebe Gourmand is already fully equipped at 8 months of pregnancy and I bought 0. Clothes are the gift that your friends and family will love to offer because it’s the honestly the cutest thing ever! Merci beaucoup to all undercover agents from Hong Kong, France, Canada and Germany for spoiling Bebe Gourmand <3

Compare prices!​

Seriously some stores have no shame and are literally reaping you off. It will get exhausting to constantly be checking for the best deals so pick a few stores that you trust and just group some orders from them. My ones were 1. Ikea for furniture and accessories 2. for all baby products, pregnancy herbs, creams and small breastfeeding accessories 3. and Mothercare for all other items as they have a selection of famous (hopefully reliable) brands.

You will freak out!​​​

There are so many choices, brands, safety standards to look out for. It gets a bit overwhelming out there. My advice is to spot a few mentally stable mamas in your entourage and copy them.

Inspector Gourmand Hong Kong store selection



What? Crib and accessories, changing station and accessories, nursery chair ​​

What? Gift registry, stroller, cot mobile, pacifiers, spiral toy​​
Link to website:

Baby Central

Second Hand

What? Newborn carrier, baby towels, baby bath, baby bottles, breast pump 
What? Stroller, bouncer, car seat, travel crib, baby carrier, cloth 
Link to website: Baby swap it Hong Kong, Hong Kong Moms, Sai Kung Mummies 
Skills required? Basic ​
What's there? Easy, daily recipes from a busy mama
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