When Agent Triple Zero offered to take me on a date, my first reaction was to propose a Japanese restaurant. I had spotted a new place opening in Tai Kok Tsui. It was called Tsuki.
I was invited to join their local affiliates at Bombay Dreams, an Indian landmark serving an all you can eat lunch buffet for HKD160 – sweet price. 
It looks like Agent triple Zero will be spending some more time with us. Because guess what, I’m his girlfriend now! Whoop whoop! So, it’s time for you to learn more about the man who made my Camembert melt.
It is a dark time for the Turkish Home Cuisine. Although the sweet voice Lachmacun chain has been destroyed...
A food summit was arranged. The top agents were requested to attend a dinner party at Braza, a Brazilian restaurant. The entrance fee was rounded HKD600, including all you can eat and drink.
It all started when I was requested to a French summit to discuss the growing presence of Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong. 
It’s where it all started. There, surrounded by Russian spies, I accomplished my first mission with Agent Triple Zero in Goa.
3 words, 3 days, all day. That basically resumes my attempt to detox my body. 

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